Sunday, September 25, 2016

This is Yau Ma Tei. Kinda II


Lets explore Yau Ma Tei district once again! I want to show you my favorite street this time and it's called Shanghai Street/上海街 and hey my apartment happens to be in this street too! But that's not the only reason that Shanghai street is my bae street.

This 2,3km long street is home to lots of kitchenware shops in Chinese, traditional or Western style. Most of my baking moulds and other knick nacks are from there and if you are like me who loves to shop for household stuff and kitchen goods, you'll love this street. And because my apartment was there, you can almost find me every morning in Shanghai Street because that's where I buy my breakfast too.


Laten we nog een keer door Yau Ma Tei wijk verkennen en dit keer wil ik jullie voorstellen aan mijn favoriete straat: Shanghai Straat/上海街. Wat toevallig dat mijn appartement ook aan deze straat bevindt! Natuurlijk is dat niet de enige reden wat tot mijn favoriete straat behoort.

Deze 2,3km lange straat is thuis voor de vele keukenhulp- en apparatuur in zowel Chinees, traditioneel of Westers stijl. De meeste bakspullen van thuis komen namelijk hier vandaan en als je net als ik dol ben op leuke keukenspulletjes scoren, dan ben je bij deze straat aan het goede adres. Ik was hier zowat elke dag te vinden, niet alleen voor keukenspullen maar ook voor 't ontbijt.  

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Kingdom of kitchen tools
Shanghai Street - Hong Kong
There`s a street in Yau Ma Tei called Shanghai Street and this is my favorite street because it has the best kitchen tool & supplies shops.
If you want to score affordable and high quality kitchen stuff, Shanghai Street is your place to be!
Tips and advice
- What kitchen stuff do you find: lots of baking tools, beautiful porcelain, restaurants machinery, weird traditional Chinese kitchen tools and this all in many sizes and forms.
- Most of these kitchen-good shops are quite old, small and dusty but that doesn`t take away the quality of the merchandise.
- My advise: just go to every shop and explore!
- If you`re looking for something specific: go to every shop and explore! I have also noticed that every shop has a different price tag and therefor it`s ok to explore and snif around until find it.
- Check a product fully and carefully before purchasing it. Refund is not appreciated most of the time.
- Lastly: try to haggle. A skill that I still not have mastered yet.
I can fit inside the most below pan like it was that huge.
This shop is my favorite baking shop and not for their moulds and pans but for their unusual ingredients.
This is my apartment! Also in Shanghai Street.
And lastly, this streetfood stand selling `tako yaki` and egg puff waffle which is right across my apartment. Maybe they are not the best streetfood seller but for what they offer in price (HKD 12 for two egg puff waffles) and freshly made infront of your nose i`ll say: AWESOME.
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Friday, September 23, 2016

HOTSPOT: The Dining Room


There is a restaurant chain in Hong Kong that specializes in Shanghai food that goes by the name that does not really scream Shanghai food at all: The Dining Room - 南小館.

I have not eaten here before but the first thing that drew my attention was their bright and modern looking interior. As result I came to this restaurant 2 times already, firstly for lunch and secondly for their desserts. Lets check it out!


Er is een restaurant keten in Hong Kong dat gespecialiseerd is in de Shanghainese keuken, maar de naam roept niet echt Shanghainees uit, namelijk: The Dining Room -  The Dining Room - 南小館.

Nog nooit heb ik hier een hapje en drankje gedaan, maar wat mij als eerst de aandacht greep, was de ontzettend lichte mooie interieur. Uiteindelijk heb ik hier 2 gegeten en gedronken voor een lunch en dessert, bekijk ze gauw hieronder!  

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1ˢᵗ Time Order
1 hand grasp pancakes
2 noodles with yellow croaker fish & preserved snow cabbage
Entrée & Noodles
This included tea (green tea?) that you still have to pay at the end is amazingly good.
Hand grasp pancakes

Me and my auntie decided to order a basket of `hand grasp pancakes`. You eat these pancakes by pulling them apart and eat by hands. The pancakes were tasted crispy in my mouth, chewy and it left an oily layer on my lips after but overall it was a good pancake!
Noodles with yellow croaker fish & preserved snow cabbage

To me the Shanghai kitchen is best known for their delicious steamed soup dumplings/xiao long bao (小笼包) but since the dumplings involves meat and I have banned myself from eating meat, I have ordered something else for the main: noodle soup with fish and salty preserved snow cabbage. The bowl was generous filled and it smelled super fragrant. My aunt ordered the same dish and we enjoyed our bowl but the longer we eat, the saltier the dish became. I don`t know if this dish is supposelly this salty but I`d like to have mine less salt next time.

2ⁿᵈ Time Order
1 almond milk melon pudding with snow fungus
1 portion of Maltesers mochi
Almond milk melon pudding with snow fungus

One thing for sure I had to try their puddings. These are no ordinary puddings, though I almost ordered the mango & coconut pudding - I have decided to make a bold move and picked the melon pudding with snow fungus instead. Such an odd combination!

I know what snow fungus/snow ear are and I often eat them in Chinese herbal soups but I never had them in desserts.
The dessert came in a cute small glass. It`s almost a waste to dig my spoon into this beauty but I did it anyway and it taste pretty nice! It`s fresh, chilled, not to sweet with nice subtle melon flavor.
That`s snow fungus. It gave this pudding an extra bite to it.
Mochi with Maltesers

For takeaway I purchased these mochis with Maltesers chocolate inside because out of curiousity. I love eating the soft chewy mochi texture and having a Malteser chocolate ball inside it was also crunchy too. Very nice! I wish the plastic takeaway box was a bit more sturdy because it broke easily...
Address: Shop 501, 5/F, The ONE, 100 Nathan Road Tsim Sha Tsui - HONG KONG
FOOD: •••• 4/5
SERVICE: ••• 3/5
INTERIOUR: •••• 4/5
PRICE: •••• 4/5

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Peek Into My Life 71


I feel like my first weeks in Hong Kong is all about eating and shopping. Gosh I can't help but feeling such a vain eating machine.

Me living in the populated Mong Kok district with all the Asian food in every block and corners and an extravaganza Langham Place Mall in just 6 min walk from my apartment does not help either.  I've been in Hong Kong for so many times that discovering new spots or seeing unseen places has become limited. Hong Kong is after all a small city.

Now I may sound like a bored person who didn't find anything amusing whilst in HK, but trust me I did enjoyed my leisure in HK. Hong Kong does not feel new to me anymore, even though HK changes so rapidly - shops, restaurants and buildings seem to come and go. I think HK is finally becoming to feel like home.  Oh by the way, I have made a vlog!

De eerste weken in Hong Kong was niet anders dan eten en winkelen. Daar was ik dan, die wandelende vreetmachine met aankoopjes.

Ik woon nog eens in een van de drukste wijken van HK genaamd Mong Kok en natuurlijk heeft Mong Kok eettentjes met lekkere dingen die je soms niet kan weerstaan en daarnaast is mijn apartment op 6 min. loopafstand van het extravagante Langham Place winkelcentrum.

Ik ben vaak in Hong Kong geweest. Nieuwe plekken zien en ontdekken, worden steeds kleiner of spannender. Ik klink misschien verveeld tijdens mijn verblijf in HK maar integendeel, ik had enorm naar mijn zin. Hong Kong voelt niet meer nieuw voor mij, ook al veranderd HK continu - winkels, restaurants en gebouwen komen en gaan, maar HK voelt eindelijk als thuiskomen. Oh en trouwens ik heb een vlog gemaakt.

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A budget buffet and 100% vegetarian restaurant with colorful takeaway, it exists!
I got lost once at Langham P.
I got lost once here in Langham Place mall because it has 10 floors + other next connecting buildings with their own labyrint floors.
Lets go random!
I almost bought this Stylenanda lipstick.
Living Plaza, the Daiso of Hong Kong is my place for shopping for household gifts.
I think most Asian people are grown up eating Indomie, I did at least and so when I saw this Indomie in chips form my eyes widen. The chips is delicious even it doesn`t taste like Indomie but hey it`s delicious.
Roleplay with me?
Clearly I am still a newb with this vlogging but if you have time (and laugh at my poor English), check out this 2 min vlog: